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Analytics appointed to Fund Administrator pool by the SEC

By October 1, 2018October 29th, 2018No Comments

Minneapolis, MN – The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has retained Analytics Consulting LLC for a second consecutive five-year term to provide notice, claims management, and distribution services to support the SEC’s investor protection mission.  Analytics is one of seven awardees and work will be performed in Minneapolis and Washington, DC.

“We are excited to continue to provide Distribution Agent services to the to the SEC” said Lisa Simmons, Analytics’ Chief Executive Officer.   “Our continued retention reflects our three decades of experience administering securities litigation settlements, our commitment to the fundamentals of internal controls and information security; and, firmly establishes Analytics as a leader in class action settlement administration.  Analytics now supports the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection, Federal Trade Commission, Department of Justice, Department of Labor, and the Securities and Exchange Commission and we look forward to continuing this important work.”

Under this contract, Analytics will provide notification, claims processing, contact center support, and distribution services relating to Fair Funds established by the SEC relating to their work protecting investors.

About Analytics

For more than 44 years, Analytics has been a pioneer in the management of class action, mass tort, and distribution fund claims programs.  Established in 1974, our consulting practice is focused on providing high security communications and claims management solutions to law firms, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies across the country.

With decades of experience, Analytics has deep experience expertly managing engagements across multiple service lines including class action settlements, mass torts, and governmental/corporate services.  We have managed more than a thousand engagements, processed millions of claims and distributed billions of dollars. Our engagements have ranged from the simple to the complex, and included some of the largest and most complex settlements in history.

Analytics has offices in Minneapolis, New York, and Washington DC.  The firm can be reached at 952.404.5700.  For more information about Analytics, visit