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Our Story

Experience starting with MDL 10.  Founded by Richard C. Hoyt in 1970, Analytics is dedicated to serving the needs of our clients clients and class members or defendants that they represent.  In 2003, this torch was passed to Analytics’ current President, Richard W Simmons.  For over forty-nine years, we have administered thousands of cases, processed millions of claims and distributed billions of dollars. Our boutique approach ensures a single, fully dedicated point of contact that oversees and coordinates all aspects of each engagement. While we’d prefer to be the only claims administrator that you rely upon – or goal is to earn your trust and be the best claims and notice administrator that you work with.

A history of innovation.  In 1976, we began the application of economic/regression analysis to antitrust and sex discrimination class actions (see for example, Herbert Hovencamp’s Primary on Antitrust Damages).  In 1993, we pioneered the use of the internet to support class action settlements.    We reject solving administration solutions by just throwing more time – and limited settlement funds – at an administration engagement.  As a closely held firm, we are uniquely committed to ensuring that each client’s needs are met.

Our methods are tested and our track record is proven. Through our history, we have served the majority of the prominent firms in the United States and Canada, and have overseen settlements ranging from less than 1 million dollars to more than 1 billion dollars.  In competitive bidding processes, we have been awarded long term contracts by every major federal agency that protects America’s consumers and investors – the SEC (10 Years), the FTC (25 Years), the DOJ (10 Years) and the CFPB (5 Years).  What makes all of this possible is our commitment to our employees,  our consistency, and our investment in systems and information security.

We understand that each and every settlement is personal: personal to the lawyers who have litigated the matter, personal to the claimants who participate in the claims process and personal to the court responsible for oversight.   We are committed to the quality of each engagement and ensuring that our service is responsive.

We know first-hand the intricacies of class action settlement administration.  Armed with powerful tools – from cutting-edge technology to top-of-the-line equipment – Analytics provides exactly what you need… and nothing you don’t.