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Mass Torts

Mass Tort Managed Services.


Claim Intake Solutions.


Protecting Client Information: Data Security and HIPAA.


Law firms, Special Masters, and courts rely on Analytics to implement complex mass tort programs, including global and partial settlements involving defective devices, catastrophic events, and environmental contamination.

We provide attorneys and Special Masters with a proven consulting solution that increases transparency and the information available to counsel, while providing a 360-degree view of the litigation and settlement process. Our systems, experienced staff, and operations centers are in place to meet all your needs, regardless of scope or size. We tailor each engagement to your requirements and provide exactly what you need… and nothing you don’t.

Our consulting services include:

  • Document and Data Management
  • Communication & Outreach Programs
  • Client Intake
  • Mail Center Services
  • Medical Record Retrieval and Review
  • Claims Allocation
  • Lien Resolution
  • QSF Management and Distribution

Case Study: New Orleans Lead Paint Settlement

This settlement involved children with lead poisoning living in public housing projects managed by the Housing Authority of New Orleans.

Starting with hard copy records found in the warehouse of a bankrupt defendant, Analytics assembled a list of victims from tenant rosters, public health records, and third party data sources. With a class displaced across the country by Hurricane Katrina, Analytics leveraged a “big data” search for victims as the basis for a notice program that was supplemented by targeted media including regional print, television and radio advertising. Analytics personalized claim forms with known health data to assist claimants in proving their claims. With multiple rounds of registration and claims, Analytics’ Global Claims Facility integrated the victim list, medical records, and Special Master review and allocated damage awards. This engagement finished with the hand delivery of more than $20 million directly to claimants

Mass Tort Managed Services

With more than 40 years of experience, our expertise spans the full range of mass litigation practice areas.  Our professional staff is comprised of seasoned subject matter experts—attorneys, accountants, testimony professionals and noticing and communication experts. Our team understands the unique demands of mass tort litigation. We start each engagement by consulting with each client to understand the scope of services, timelines and milestones, and key issues and specific needs for each individual engagement.

Efficient Client Identification and Claim Intake Solutions

Analytics’ in-house call centers have intake specialists who use customized scripts to gather the detailed information necessary to analyze the viability of each claim. These services are supplemented by our medical legal group, which has experience in retrieving medical records and preparing a legal-nurse synopsis. We also can manage the dissemination, receipt, and processing of mailed pieces such as retainer agreements, releases or other documents.

A Secure Platform for Litigation Management

Analytics’ Global Claims Facility (GCF) is a tested, secure infrastructure to confidentially manage legal and medical data. This integrated platform manages mass tort litigation, as well as client communications and core litigant information. The system is continually updated and refined to meet ever-changing requirements and has been used to successfully administer more than one billion unique transactions to date.

Protecting Client Information: Data Security and HIPAA

Analytics understands the critical importance of maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data that we maintain on behalf of our clients. Our compliance program addresses every facet of our operation—from data intake to document destruction—and covers enterprise data security, data confidentiality, and disaster recovery. This ensures the highest level of protection for all of our clients.