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Class Notification

Direct Mail.




Text Messaging.

We leverage our class action experience, contemporary media tools, e-commerce prowess, and big data analytics to drive accurate and effective notice planning and implementation for our clients through individualized direct mail, e-mail and text message notices.

Our reputation as a leader in class action consulting has been reinforced by our implementation of some of the largest and most complex notice campaigns. Analytics’ experience, ingenuity, and commitment to clients and class members stands out in matters with personalized, transaction based notice:

  • Consumer Litigation: Analytics developed a database of more than 9 million customers that established valuations for each claim. After consolidating records to reduce notification costs, Analytics mailed more than 2.2 million notices, sent more than 1.7 million email notices, and coordinated the delivery of 4 million text messages informing class members about the settlement
  • Securities Litigation: In a ground-breaking securities litigation, Analytics worked with over 100 different financial institutions to identify investors in twenty different securities. Saving the class more than $2 million in notification expenses, Analytics analyzed more than 1,000 data files to develop a master notification file and 2 million class members received personalized notice identifying the securities they owned.
  • Internet Fraud: In the largest internet scam in U.S. history, Analytics analyzed over 300 million lines of credit card transaction logs from five different credit card processing firms to identify 1.5 million individuals whose credit cards were fraudulently charged. Transaction level data was provided to each class member on a personalized claim form.
Pre-Settlement Consulting
Precise Planning.  Verified Results.
QSF and Escrow Agent
Protection of Settlement Funds and Increasing Earnings.
Data Analysis and Consulting
Identifying Class Members.
Analyzing Transaction Data.
Legal Notice
Notice Designed to be Effective: Direct Mail, Email, and Text Messaging.
Expert Testimony
Qualified, court-recognized expertise based on decades of experience.
Phone and Web Support
Support class member need, when and how they want it.
Claims Administration
Proven infrastructure: From Paper to On-line Claims.
Disbursements and Tax Reporting
Checks, Certificates, and Electronic Payments.