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Pre-Settlement Consulting

Streamline the Notice and Settlement Administration Process.


Decrease the Time from Settlement to Distribution.

Planning and preparation are key to a timely and efficient administration process.  At the start of each engagement, we work with our clients to understand the class and the issues involve din the litigation – and we prepare advice and detailed project plans to ensure that we provide the best practicable notice and that the needs of class members are being met.

We get it right at the start – ensuring no unwanted surprises and a successful engagement.

Analytics’ notice and claims administration planning includes:

  • Notice and Claim Timelines
  • Data Analysis Plans and Reporting
  • Development and Layout of Notices, Claim Forms, and Websites
  • Simplified Claims Process and Evaluation Criteria

These plans ensure that the scope of the work is clearly identified for the project management team, that roles and responsibilities are assigned, and that realistic timelines are established for key milestones. We also identify potential issues that could lead to delays and additional costs when providing notice and distributing settlement funds.

Pre-Settlement Consulting
Precise Planning.  Verified Results.
QSF and Escrow Agent
Protection of Settlement Funds and Increasing Earnings.
Data Analysis and Consulting
Identifying Class Members.
Analyzing Transaction Data.
Legal Notice
Notice Designed to be Effective: Direct Mail, Email, and Text Messaging.
Expert Testimony
Qualified, court-recognized expertise based on decades of experience.
Phone and Web Support
Support class member need, when and how they want it.
Claims Administration
Proven infrastructure: From Paper to On-line Claims.
Disbursements and Tax Reporting
Checks, Certificates, and Electronic Payments.