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Claims Administration

Tested Infrastructure.


Simplified Processes.


Increased Class Member Engagement.

Since MDL 10 in the 1970s, Analytics has been a leader in developing claims processing methods and procedures and providing clients with high-quality, cost-effective solutions. From settlements involving fewer than 100 class members to engagements requiring analysis of more than 100 million records, Analytics has the resources and knowledge necessary to facilitate the claims process and ensure that each class member receives the full amount to which he or she is entitled.

Our approach is unique. Analytics differs significantly from the vast majority of our industry because we process all claims, from start to finish, onsite at our single location. We do not offshore or outsource processing work to third-parties, whether in the U.S. or overseas, or rely on satellite offices. This ensures a uniform set of standards and practices, provides better security and controls over confidential data and allows constant management vigilance and oversight.

The claims administration services that we provide include:

  • Traditional (paper) claims processing
  • Online claims preparation, submission, and processing
  • Alternate dispute resolution
  • Secure data archives
  • Document imaging and OCR

Complete Claims Processing

We process every claim completely, allowing our systems to identify the potential value of deficient claims, model the effects of changing claim criteria, and streamline the deficient claim process for class members. Our complete claims processing also minimizes those unfortunate situations where class members are asked to correct a deficient claim, only to be told later that they will receive nothing from the settlement fund.

Advanced Controls, Audits, and Reviews

Our systems and controls have been audited, tested, and accredited to ensure that all data regarding class members and claimants are protected from inappropriate use or release. We provide the highest standard of care in protecting the confidentiality of the information we collect for each settlement. In fact, our standards are high enough that the Federal agencies responsible for enforcing data privacy laws are counted among our clients.

Pre-Settlement Consulting
Precise Planning.  Verified Results.
QSF and Escrow Agent
Protection of Settlement Funds and Increasing Earnings.
Data Analysis and Consulting
Identifying Class Members.
Analyzing Transaction Data.
Legal Notice
Notice Designed to be Effective: Direct Mail, Email, and Text Messaging.
Expert Testimony
Qualified, court-recognized expertise based on decades of experience.
Phone and Web Support
Support class member need, when and how they want it.
Claims Administration
Proven infrastructure: From Paper to On-line Claims.
Disbursements and Tax Reporting
Checks, Certificates, and Electronic Payments.