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Collective Actions

Managing Complexity.


As a Special Master said: “It’s like a wheelbarrow full of frogs”.

All else being equal, class actions exist because when common questions predominate, they are a superior mechanism, both legally and economically, to individually filed actions.   Changes in law and agreements barring class litigation have lead to an increase in collective litigation.  This litigation – and their settlements – occur outside the established norms of class litigation – and pose special challenges that increase costs for all parties.

Addressing the needs of parties involved in collective litigation, we provide services to streamline the litigation management process:

  • Standardized Collection (Online and Hard Copy) of Opt-In and Consent to Join Forms
  • Scheduled Reporting (Protecting Personal Information) for Court Filing
  • Automated Communications
  • Distribution and Collection of Individualized Settlement Agreements.
Pre-Settlement Consulting
Precise Planning.  Verified Results.

QSF and Escrow Agent
Protection of Settlement Funds and Increasing Earnings.

Data Analysis and Consulting
Identifying Class Members.
Analyzing Transaction Data.

Legal Notice
Notice Designed to be Effective: Direct Mail, Email, and Text Messaging.

Expert Testimony
Qualified, court-recognized expertise based on decades of experience.

Phone and Web Support
Support class member need, when and how they want it.

Claims Administration
Proven infrastructure: From Paper to On-line Claims.

Disbursements and Tax Reporting
Checks, Certificates, and Electronic Payments.