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About Analytics

For fifty-two years, Analytics has been one of the nation’s leading experts on the design and implementation of class action settlements and legal notice campaigns. Established in 1970, our practice is dedicated to settlement administration and is focused on needs of our clients and class members or defendants that they represent.  Our boutique approach ensures a single, fully dedicated point of contact that oversees and coordinates all aspects of each engagement

We have administered more than a thousand matters, processed millions of claims and distributed billions of dollars. Our engagements have ranged from the simple to the complex, and included some of the largest and most complex settlements in history.

Throughout our history, we have served both plaintiff and defense firms, and have partnered with, and performed consulting services for, the Federal agencies tasked with consumer and investor protection, including:

  • US. Department Of Justice
  • Federal Trade Commission
  • US. Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Analytics’ team knows first-hand the intricacies of class action settlement administration.  Armed with powerful tools – from cutting-edge technology to top-of-the-line equipment – Analytics provides exactly what you need… and nothing you don’t.