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QSF Management and Escrow Agent Services

Protect Settlement Funds.


Increase Earnings.

We have acted as the escrow agent for settlements ranging in size of up to $1 billion.  Our escrow and QSF management services include:

  • Management of funds from deposit to disbursement
  • Disbursement of funds at the direction of Counsel, Special Masters, and Lien Administrators
  • Investment options – backed by the full faith and credit of the of the US Government – with interest rates that exceed current market offerings

Building on long term relationships with financial institutions with deep class action experience – Analytics offers comprehensive escrow services designed around the specific needs (safety and liquidity) of class action settlements.

Pre-Settlement Consulting
Precise Planning.  Verified Results.
QSF and Escrow Agent
Protection of Settlement Funds and Increasing Earnings.
Data Analysis and Consulting
Identifying Class Members.
Analyzing Transaction Data.
Legal Notice
Notice Designed to be Effective: Direct Mail, Email, and Text Messaging.
Expert Testimony
Qualified, court-recognized expertise based on decades of experience.
Phone and Web Support
Support class member need, when and how they want it.
Claims Administration
Proven infrastructure: From Paper to On-line Claims.
Disbursements and Tax Reporting
Checks, Certificates, and Electronic Payments.