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Talk With Us About Information Security and Protecting the Confidentiality of Class Member Data

Information security is more than having a locked door and a network access policy.  We believe that settlement administrators should be open and transparent about how they protect the confidentiality of data that they maintain for clients.  Not only is this a good idea – but it helps our clients meet their obligations to protect the confidentiality of class member data.   How else will you know if the firm you retain has controls in place to protect your data?  Or in the worst case, how will you know that they have an obligation to inform you of a data breach?

For us – this means that we’ve developed a mature information security program that has been reviewed by clients and agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (for more information on our information security program, click here).

If you chose to work with another firm – we encourage you to have a Information Security Addendum that identifies commitments regarding:

  •     Data Breach Notification
  •     Transfer of Data to Third Parties
  •     Minimum Confidentiality Controls

If you don’t have your own Information Security Addendum – a sample one is available here.  It likely won’t meet all of your needs – and should be reviewed – but it’s a start.

We’re proud of our investment in information security – and we love talking to potential clients about the efforts that we take to protect client data.

For more information – or maybe even a CLE on the steps you should take to protect class member information – please fill out the form below.