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Fraud Prevention

Analytics’ fraud prevention and quality control was designed by a former United States Department of Justice Special Agent with extensive experience conducting fraud and money laundering investigations. High-value claims are vetted against independent fraud databases to identify high-risk claimants, and our system-wide controls protect the integrity of claim data.

  • A dedicated audit team reviews claims processing activities, independent of the quality control review performed by the claim processing staff.
  • A physical inventory is performed of all claims at the time that they are received and are tracked throughout the life of an engagement.
  • Every single change to either the claim valuation or the identity of the claimant is reviewed by staff independent of the data-entry team to ensure that the changes made are appropriate and accurate.
  • All claims are compared against our dedicated fraud database, which was built in collaboration with the Federal Bureau of Investigation — and it is continually updated. Additionally, Analytics is in frequent communication with the FBI to track trends in fraud.
  • The US Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”) report is reviewed to screen proposed distributions and detect suspect transactions before they are processed.
  • All high-value claims are reviewed to ensure accuracy and validity. These claims also are compared against the best commercially available fraud database, which matches each claim with 150 major characteristics, including:
    • Identity authentication
    • SSN/Tax ID attributes
    • Evidence of compromised identity and identity change information
    • Past and present address characteristics
    • Transient person attributes
    • Derogatory public record