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$2 Million in Postage Savings

In Re Merrill Lynch & Co, Research Reports Securities Litigation

Analytics worked with more than 100 different financial institutions to identify investors in twenty different securities. Saving the class more than $2 million in notification expenses, Analytics analyzed more than 1,000 data files to develop a master notification file. Nearly 2 million class members received personalized notice identifying the securities they were known to have owned. 

100,000 Claims
Per Hour

In re TracFone Unlimited Service Plan Litigation

In this joint government-private plaintiff settlement, Analytics mailed more than 2.2 million notices, sent more than 1.7 million email notices, and coordinated the delivery of 4 million text messages regarding the settlement.   Analytics’ mobile optimized website demonstrably increased claims by more than 50%, and at its peak, received more than 100,000 claims per hour.

100% Increase
in Claims

Intel Pentium 4 Litigation

Building on Silicon Valley advertising expertise, Analytics developed, implemented, and defended a hybrid print/digital notice plan designed to reach 80% of the class. Through innovative management of the digital notice process, Analytics increased claim submission by 100% though careful selection of notice contents and websites as well as an additional 100% increase in claims due to the class member-centric settlement website. 

Forensic Analysis

Crypto Currency Asset Forfeiture

In this engagement, Analytics worked with a forensic image provided by the FBI of the servers from a crypto currency provider that facilitated Ponzi schemes and “off the books” transactions. Reviewing more than 10,000,000 computer files, Analytics constructed a database of victims, and then provided notice, claims, and restitution to investors across the globe.

Integrating Big Data and
Health Records

Housing Authority of New Orleans Lead Paint Litigation

Starting with hard copy records found in the warehouse of a bankrupt defendant, Analytics assembled a class list from tenant rosters, public health records, and “Big Data” sources.  With records destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, we personalized claim forms with available health data to assist claimants in substantiating their claims.


In re Skechers Shoe Litigation

With under 24-hours’ notice of a press conference announcing the settlement, Analytics launched and staffed a contact center and online claims submission.   Driven by publicity – Analytics answered more than 50,000 phone calls and supported 1.2 million visits to the case in the first 72 hours without a single busy signal or website failure.